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Here at GoHappyHerbal.com we are committed to helping our customers in improving their health and quality of lives. We are proud to bring you the finest weight-management, nutritional and personal care products in the wellness industry. Together with our continuous effort in providing the best customer service, we hope to create the happy online shopping experience.

otherwise known as folk medicine is the practice of combining plants and plant extracts. Herbalism is also known as herbology, botanical medicine, herbal medicine, medical herbalism, and phytotherapy. The range of herbalism extends to the utilization of fungi, bee products, minerals, shells, and animal parts. In modern medicine we are focused on finding a cure to all illnesses and diseases. However, herbalism is more than a medicinal practice, but rather a lifestyle that is used to prevent sickness and poor health. Herbal medicine helps maintain the wellness of body and mind. In today’s time in most societies we cannot but, help utilize both modern and traditional medicine. Depending on each individual’s medical attention, we often combine both, to attain that equilibrium that will result in a healthy body and mind.

Tea otherwise known for its’ scientific name Camellia Sinensis; refers to the agricultural products of leaves, leaf buds, and internodes that are prepared and cured with various methods. Tea is fascinatingly the most widely consumed beverage after water.  There are four types of teas that are most commonly found in today’s market, which are black, oolong, green and white tea (named in descending order of oxidation). There is a Chinese proverb stating that a cup of tea a day will keep you away from the pharmacy. As you begin to consume tea on a consistent basis you will begin to feel the results, and believe that the proverb goes true.

Dietary Supplements such as ginseng (American or Asian) has had thousands of years of substantial proof displaying effectiveness upon one’s longevity. Along with Ginseng there are many other supplements available in its’ original and processed form such as Japanese Reishi (Ling Zhi), Aloe Vera, Shark Cartilage, Fish oil (omega-3), upon hundreds of other traditional forms of medicinal treatment, which includes anti-tumor effects, lowering level of cholesterol as well as high blood pressure and body detoxification of anti-oxidants.  

Human beings are all unique in our biological makeup therefore; we must seek out which treatment is suitable for us. In western medicine we often wait until an illness has developed and then we search for ways to obtain a cure. However, in Traditional Medicine it is encouraged to lead a lifestyle of incorporating herbal medicine in our daily routine to prevent diseases and illnesses, resulting in a longer healthier lifespan. You often hear of people who become terminally ill such as being diagnosed with cancer; when all else fails they often turn to alternative healing and herbal treatment. Sometimes, where modern medicine ends; traditional medicine begins.